Service Process

Service Process

Service Process

1.Understanding Customers Demand And Requirement

You can call or fill out an inquiry letter to provide product type requirements, and you can design space for planning and production, whether it is a store, supermarket, warehouse, etc. and create exclusive shelves.


We will reply your inquiry within 24 hours (excluding holidays). Cheng-He will contact you by mail or phone to provide the best service.

3.Proposal and Quotation

After discussing the requirements specifications and quantity with the customer, Cheng-He first evaluates, provides the best selection proposal, and conducts drawing and quotation procedures.

4.Product drawing confirmation

After confirming the customer's needs, we provide plans and recommendations and draw up design plans for customers' confirmation.

5.Order Confirmation

According to Cheng-He's design and planning content, it fully meets the needs of customers. After the two parties agree to the quotation, the order is confirmed and the production is scheduled immediately.

6.Production And Manufacturing

At this stage, Cheng-He carries out the shelf production process. We use iron materials that comply with national standards, and use powder coating to ensure product integrity.

7.product Inspection

Before the product leaves the factory, we will carry out quality inspection to ensure that the product quality meets the specifications, including: quality inspection of coating thickness, product deflection, weld bead inspection, etc. We can also perform additional tests according to customer needs.

8.Packaging Confirmation

Cheng-He complies with the import and export packaging standards of various countries, including smoked pallets, packing steel belts, sharp angle protection and protection ... to ensure that the product is not damaged during transportation.

9.Transportation And Distribution

Whether by sea or land, or by air, we work closely with transportation companies to ensure that our products are delivered to customers immediately.


Cheng-He has a construction team with many years of experience, and makes a complete construction plan for the site and construction period before construction to ensure that the shelf assembly is completed within a limited construction time.

11.Final Acceptance

After the completion of the construction, the general shelf acceptance is completed, and the subsequent procedures and general engineering discussions are conducted. Product use teaching and maintenance can also be performed according to customer needs.

12.Warranty Service

After acceptance, we begin to enter the warranty service. Our warranty period is 3 years non-artificial and natural disaster factors. We will replace the product components for you, and we will regularly check your products.

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