Mobile shelving applied to medical institutions

Mobile shelving applied to medical institutions

Space-saving and most flexible storage system - mobile shelving
Space-saving and most flexible storage system - mobile shelving

Cheng-He’s manual mobile cabinet uses a rack and pinion gear system, regardless of whether men or women, they can be rotated with one hand , which is very convenient and easy to use. At the same time, the duration of use can be calculated according to the stored items and storage efficiency, ensuring that customers have no Worry.

Compared with government agencies, medical institutions have a bigger need for storage documents and slow destruction period of documents, as a matter of fact the growth rate of medical records is faster than the destruction rate.

In recent years, medical records have been stored online, but paper retention still one of the problems for hospital storage. Therefore, Cheng-He Mobile Cabinet provides the best solution for medical institutions and government agencies to store files.

Promote storage capacity in a limited space, make it easy for employees to access and the hospital can better use the storage system. Cheng-He’s manual mobile cabinets have advantage price and the cost is much lower than electric mobile cabinets. This can increase the utilization space by 50% also each mobile cabinet can be labeled leveling up to 35% storage efficiency.

Cheng-He can provide multiple designs, including storage design, logistics planning, and storage area selection suggestions. It provides customers with a complete one-stop service, integrates all customers' storage, and utilizes multiple storage components to make full use of storage space. Our professionally designed solutions will make your daily operations more organized and efficient.

Cheng-He can cover all your storage needs. To learn more about Cheng-He and how we build a complete warehousing solution, please contact us.

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