Light duty shelving solutions for government administration

Light duty shelving solutions for government administration

Light duty shelving is the best choice for storing files
Light duty shelving is the best choice for storing files

Light duty shelving can be adjusted for different file types, and the height of the placement plate can be changed, so that customers can easily replace it.

Cheng-He's Light duty shelving dense storage brings customers a solution for archival storage. For customers with long-term shelf life, use lightweight shelves to enhance customers' storage space and make it easy to retrieve archives.

Therefore, Cheng-He understands that the labor insurance bureau of government agencies have kept written information as archives from the early days, and have a long retention period in accordance with the laws and regulations of government agencies.

In addition to file storage, Light duty shelving can also be used in the storage and use of automotive parts, electronics, food, logistics, e-commerce and other storage parts.

Cheng-He provides diversified designs, including warehouse design, logistics planning, and storage area selection suggestions. It provides customers with a complete one-stop service, integrates all customers' storage, and makes full use of warehouse space. Professionally designed solutions will make your daily operations more organized and efficient.

Cheng-He meets all your storage needs. To learn more about Cheng-He and how we build a complete warehousing solution, please contact us.

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