Electric Mobile Shelving Solutions for medical institutions

Electric Mobile Shelving Solutions for medical institutions

File-intensive storage solution - Electric Mobile Shelving
File-intensive storage solution - Electric Mobile Shelving

From 2018 to 2020, Mackay Memorial Hospital sterilization and antiseptic supply area and operating rooms were remodeled for convenience, they wanted ensure in the same place the storage and management of instruments and tool supplies, Cheng-He's Electric Mobile Shelving provides a better storage solution for the hospital, at the same time can create more storage capacity.

Cheng-He provided the Electric Mobile Shelving solution, which greatly reduced the hospital storage space and searching time for the tools. It also integrates database software to reduce the time and accuracy of the hospital when it comes to picking up, and to make users safer is also fast and convenient.

Cheng-He has many years of planning experience for electric mobile cabinets. Integrated space storage provides professional diversified integration, improves storage efficiency, and manages better stored items.

Cheng-He can meet all your storage needs. For more information about Cheng-He and how we build a complete warehousing solution, please contact us.

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