Hypermarket Shelving

USA Racking

USA Racking

In response to the special needs of products in the North American market, a series of shelves and accessories suitable for the needs of the US market have been developed to meet the needs of North American customers.

Boltless Shelving

Boltless Shelving

Do it yourself, simple, convenient , fast , diversification , not just shelving.


Hypermarket Shelving

Supermarket Racks, Gondola Shelving

Hypermarket Shelving is the most classic indicator of large selling
Hypermarket Shelving is the most classic indicator of large selling

Hypermarket Shelving is displayed according to customer's design requirements in different sales areas. It is equipped with store heights and depths, the shelves are easily assemble and disassemble in order to respond the consumption habits and to adapt to the business selling strategy.

For example, the central sales area of the store is mostly 1420mm or 1830mm, and the surrounding wall height is 2130mm or 2440mm, and it is fixed to the wall. On the surface.
We carry out quality management control from design to production and inspection, so our products are CE and SGS certified.

Our Hypermarket Shelving is designed for ultra-stable and must go under rigorous load testing in our factory before shipping it to your store. Therefore, supermarkets and large supermarkets can fully use Cheng-He's Hypermarket Shelving without worry.

Contact Cheng-He for more information about our hypermarket shelves.

Application Examples

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  • Makeup Supermarket Shelving - Cosmetic Display Stand has outstanding structural strength that gives great sturdiness
    Makeup Supermarket Shelving

    Supermarket Makeup Shelving can display cosmetics in different ways, it can add lighting and display accessories to make beauty counters as department store. It makes increasing the entering rate and related store sales with added value.Our shelves is available in 1420mm, 1620mm, 1830mm, 2130mm, 2440mm and 3050mm. Base sizes are available from 335mm,410mm,530mm,645mm and 710mm deep. Most cosmetics shelf use shelving that are 1420mm high with standard base size of 410mm deep.Supermarket Makeup Shelving can be with one or two sides and sold with other accessories, such as stacking baskets, hooks, horizontal mirrors, etc.Our main clients are companies such as RT-MART, LEEZEN from Taiwan. Cheng-He's R&D team works very closely with inspection teams for QC control, so our products are compliant with CE, SGS certification.If you can't find the right shelf in the website, we will also customize and manufacture the shelves for you.Please feel free to contact us, we will answer you immediately and provide our services and ensure that the products will be delivered on time with warranty.

  • Home Appliance Supermarket Shelving - Home Appliance Supermarket Shelving makes the product more unique
    Home Appliance Supermarket Shelving

    Home Appliance Supermarket Shelving is perfect for display household appliances, small electro domestics and TVs, this makes more easy to display your products and your space will be more attractive and comfortable increasing the purchase rate.Most Home Appliance Supermarket Shelving use a shelf that is 1830mm high and the standard base is 530mm deep. The upper size is 4100mm deep, reaching a stepped display. The top can display small rack appliances, and the bottom is the product outer box for customers' reference.In the general TV display, the height is 2440mm and the standard depth is 530mm. In the store, the TV display is mostly placed on the wall, with our special backboard, so that the line is hidden behind, so that the TV display area can reach the complete display. The height and color of the home appliance store can be customized.CHENG-HE's development team work very closely with inspection team for QC control, so our products are compliant with CE, SGS certification. If you can't find the right shelf from our site, we also customize and manufacture shelf for you. Other heights and color are available for customizing. Please feel free to contact us for customer assistance. We will make sure the products are all packed with care and delivered on time with warranty.

  • Convenience Store Shelving - Convenience Store Shelving is designed for small shops
    Convenience Store Shelving

    Convenience Store Shelving is aimed for small and medium-sized goods and can display the value of goods. The shelves are light and easy to disassemble. Convenience Store Shelving is generally used in CVS or small and medium-sized shops, such as 7-11, Family-Mart, Simple-Mart, Lawson Store, etc. It can also change the color of the main body for different style attributes, which is convenient for management and color contrast.Convenience Store Shelving mainly uses the height of 1420mm, 1620mm to place the central market as a main sales area. The depth of the base is 430mm, and the height of the wall is 1820mm. If you need to place heavy food, beverages, cans, you must install the front pillar. And fixed at the top of the shelf, it is more secure and firm.

  • Kitchenware Supermarket Shelving - Kitchenware supermarket Shelving are designed for kitchen utensils
    Kitchenware Supermarket Shelving

    These shelves can be stand-alone units or incorporated in bays and runs in a department store designed for kitchen utensils, and in order to meet the needs of the store we design a variety of accessories that can be placed for different types of kitchen utensils, including pots, cutting boards, dishes, pans, soup pots, kettles and other supplies.Kitchenware Supermarket Shelving mainly uses a height of 1830mm and a depth of 530mm. The merchandise is placed so that the bottom depth is 530mm. The top can be displayed with a depth of 410mm. It can be used with a crossbar hook to hang small kitchenware items.Our accessories can be re-customized for each type of kitchenware, and given the weight of the item, we will perform a rigorous load test before leaving the factory. Contact Cheng-He for more information on shelves.

  • Stationery Supermarket Shelving - Stationery Supermarket Shelving is the best solution for showing stationery
    Stationery Supermarket Shelving

    Stationery Supermarket Shelving department store can display a wide range of products. According to different types of accessories, it can display artworks and books independently. It has high usage rate for the store. The shelf for toys and office supplies is detachable, you can personalize with different themes to make changes you need depending on your sales strategies.Stationery Supermarket Shelving mainly uses height: 1830mm depth 410mm, 330mm,and can be used to place small stationery with a hook. Other books can be used to display books. Office supplies are mostly small goods. It can be hooked on the upper layer and 335mm or 410mm below.Arrange to showcase the full range of stationery features. We can also re-order shelves for each item, and we can design different types of accessories according to the product. We can also create different styles according to different themes for your sales strategies on the spot. The all-round design allows the customers to look, choose and purchase the items easier.Contact Cheng-He for more information on shelves.

  • Sport Supermarket Shelving - Sport Supermarket Shelving Experiences Retail New Style
    Sport Supermarket Shelving

    Sport Supermarket Shelving can be placed for a variety of balls, protective gear, dumbbells, bicycles, etc... different kinds of sporting goods.Sport Supermarket Shelving mainly uses height: 1830mm depth: 530mm and can be used with other accessories. The depth of 530mm allows different types of products to be placed in the sports theme area. In the ball area, we also design different sizes according to the type of ball, basket, soccer, volley... Bicycle area is divided into children or adults according to age and bicycle function. We can create exclusive sports styles shelves based on sales plans.In Cheng-He's Sport Supermarket Shelving, there is enough space for advertising panels, and this advertising space on the booth can be provided, this gives an additional source of income for the retailer.Our development and design team maintains close contact with our customers, ensuring the accuracy of the design and working closely with the inspection team to control QC.Since 2009, Cheng-He has been providing department store shelves in Taiwan. Contact us for more information on department store shelves for sporting goods.

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